What We Do

We Educate: We provide classes, workshops and host events that educate community members about relevant environmental issues and solutions that are important to everyone who lives in the greater Wenatchee Valley. We offer practical ways to actually make a change in your daily life, be that something small or something challenging. We want to answer your specific questions on how you can make behavior changes to have an impact in North Central Washington. 

We Inspire: We share stories of community members and businesses who are making a difference. If they can do it, you can too. We're all in this together, so let's learn from and motivate each other. 

We support the idea of the "triple bottom line:" people, planet and profit.

All three are connected, and all three can thrive. 

Our Mission

Sustainable Wenatchee's mission is to promote a culture of environmental stewardship and social sustainability in the Wenatchee Valley. We do this through educating and inspiring community members to live more sustainable lives. 

Our Story

Sustainable Wenatchee started when two women saw a need for an organization in North Central Washington that gets community members excited about environmental sustainability. It all began with local business owner Tandi Rolen and a project she started called "Tread Lightly Friday." The idea was born out of the "Our Valley, Our Future" Action Plan. Tandi signed on over a dozen local businesses who committed to sustainability and to offering a discount on Fridays to their customers who did the same. 


But Tandi was dreaming of something bigger. She posted on the Tread Lightly Facebook page that she was looking for some help. Jana Fischback jumped at the chance. She had recently moved back to the valley and was looking to get involved in the environmental field. After earning her master's degree and working as a Sustainability Coordinator on the west side of the state, she was excited to get back in the game in her hometown. And so, Sustainable Wenatchee was born. 


Tandi and Jana envisioned an organization that would provide education and inspiration for positive behavior change. One that would provide practical tips for those who were just becoming interested in the idea of being "eco-friendly." One that would also excite those already on the journey to a more sustainable future. And that would highlight what those people were doing, to inspire others. We wanted to show how social and economic sustainability are both intricately tied to environmental issues. 


We created Sustainable Wenatchee to help others become motivated to make a change.

To make a difference. To tread lightly.